Hi, it’s Roy Walker.

I’m a self-starter designer crafting experiences for startups.


Buenos Aires is a lively city and StayOut wants to prove it by helping locals and tourists alike discover nightlife activities. I've been involved since the very beginning, and the biggest day-to-day challenge has been to craft a product that stands out in a small, but oversaturated market. The initial efforts resulted in a brand that reflects energy and excitement and resonates with trendy, adventure seeking people.

Product + Web app design + Front-end implementation


Assessing security risks is essential for any business nowadays—and SecurityScorecard wants to make sure you can do it accurately. The product team reached me out looking for design help and I happily obliged. Since then, I've been working on defining the user experience and visual style of the web application. It's been interesting to see how the design needs of a product change as it slowly matures and starts building a solid customer-base.

User experience + Visual style

HGrégoire Nissan

Working with a car dealership that understands and values design was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass. It's been a pleasure to work with their marketing team to bring something fresh to the auto industry: an enjoyable, multi-device experience focused on helping customers find their perfect car.

Logo + Responsive website design + Front-end implementation